Quilceda Creek Vinters


Quilceda Creek is dedicated exclusively to the production of world-class Washington State Cabernet Sauvignon. Founded in 1979, Quilceda Creek has had an unbroken string of highly-rated vintages that has led Robert M. Parker Jr. to name it Washington State’s premier Cabernet Sauvignon producer.


January 1978

Quilceda Creek's state of the art winery facilities.

Quilceda Creek Chateau Quilceda Production Facility

Quilceda Creek
Pictured left to right: Marv Crum, John Ware, Jesse Schmidt, Paul Golitzin, Lawrence Stewart, Alex Stewart, Alex Golitzin. Copyright Andrea Johnson


Alex and Jeannette Golitzin
President and Founder

Paul Golitzin
Director of Winemaking

John Ware
General Manager

Lawrence Stewart
Office / Shipping Manager

Alex Stewart
Production Manager / Enologist

Marv Crum
Assistant Winemaker

Jesse Schmidt
Assistant Winemaker


Wines Produced

Cabernet Sauvignon
Columbia Valley AVA

Galitzine Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon
Red Mountain AVA

Palengat Proprietary Red Wine
Horse Heaven Hills AVA

CVR Red Wine
Columbia Valley AVA
Galitzine Vineyard, Red Mountain AVA
Galitzine Vineyard, Red Mountain AVA


Photograph by Mark B. Bauschke
Used with permission


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