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Wallula Gap Vineyard

Wallula Vineyards

Wallula Gap Vineyards development began in 1997, by the den Hoed brothers, Bill and Andy, along with their father Andreas. With a southern facing orientation and vast topographical variations, Wallula has now become one of the most sought after vineyards in the state. Block 10 Cabernet Sauvignon Clone 8 was planted in 1998 on an 8’ x 6’ spacing (907 vines per acre). This block stands tall above the bluffs, overlooking the Columbia River with a view at 1,120 feet above sea level. The southern exposure soaks the vines in sunlight, averaging 3,000 Growing Degree Days per season. With deep Shano silt loam soils and drip irrigation sourced directly from the Columbia River, precise Viticultural control of vine growth and berry development is achievable. This unique site is frost free due to the Columbia acting as an insulator, coupled with constant air flow moving through the Wallula Gap. This unique terroir provides for extended hang time in the fall, allowing for the harvest of perfectly ripe fruit.

Wallula Vineyard Wallula Vineyard Wallula Vineyard

Wallula Vineyard Wallula Vineyard